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Designing Your Living Legacy:
Your Private Financial Planning Retreat

Welcome to the integrated art, heart and science of creating your living legacy!  

This unique and unusual approach to truly successful financial planning is designed solely for those wanting the very best in financial investment expertise and money management that is simultaneously in service to your heart and soul's deepest vision and meaningful life expressions.

Many who come to work with us are:

  • women and men facing a significant life crossroads (such as divorce from a long term marriage; death of a spouse; or upcoming significant inheritance) and who wish to gain clarity on what they really need financially to live out their life as well as how to create a second-half-of-life legacy and meaningful purpose;  and/or

  • career professionals or private practice entrepreneurs at midlife who seek to create a sustaining and protected retirement for themselves and their spouse while fully living their second-half-of-life and setting a plan for the future generation.


Whether you're. a current client/friend, a potential new client, or someone seeking this highly unique opportunity to work privately and directly with the Managing Principal of CIM, Matt P. Clements, and his internationally-respected author/wife, Ronda LaRue, in our beautiful natural retreat home setting... We are excited to welcome you here to our new home retreat and special community!

Here in the peacefully beautiful and uninterupted setting of our private home retreat, we find that we can best meet, get to know, guide, and deep-dive together into your core values, fears, subconscious blocks that stand in your own way, goals, hopes and dreams, as well as identifying your current and projected assets, overall financial picture, investment potential and needs.  

From this uniquely-integrated and holistically-intensive process together, we will know one another on a very deep and necessary level to partner your success.


It is from this process together that we will create a personalized financial GPS system for you that will help navigate your life (your purchases big and small, your changing circumstances etc) all "on the move" while honoring and serving your core values and unique living legacy.

This, we find, is the most awesome life skills integration we can share. And we look forward to doing so with those who feel deeply aligned and capable emotionally, financially and spiritually. From our perspective, this soulful/financial integration is the best spiritual practice there is because it deals "eyes wide open" with the whole person every step of the way - together, in relationship as we walk it together...*


*NOTE: And of course, to work with Clements Investment Management you do not HAVE to do the retreat process. We will be doing it anyway as we move through the stages of our relationship together. But this sure is one great and powerful LEAP to get started from the deepest connected values.   And if you just want the process, not the financial investment management, this remains our offering as we strongly feel it is essential to your success with any other practice or company. 


Having worked with women, men, families and private couples traveling from all over the world to stay with us at our private home in OJAI CALIFORNIA for 18 years, we are extraordinarily excited and thrilled to now offer PRIVATE SOUL-DRIVEN, FINANCIALLY-INTEGRATED PLANNING RETREATS at our Sunny Oaks Private Estate Property in spectacular Ashland Oregon!​

If you've not been to Ashland, you're in for a real treat!  Our new home is ideally set for rest, inspiration, privacy, and work together. Located on 7 Oak Grove acres across from Lake Emigrant with spectacular views of the Siskiyou Mountains, 7 minutes from town and 16 miles from Ashland Mtn Ski resort... to say nothing of the 90+ wineries, famed Shakespeare festival and theaters, the progressive foodie restaurants and the talented musicians and nightly performance art.

Because of our uniquely integrated and spirited approach to financial planning and investment management - and because of Ronda's international appeal as "an impishly down-to-earth" master teacher of self-realization (to say nothing of a great chef) ...and I guess, really too, because we are both a bit "geeky", we find that we truly love our work and sharing our natural inspired living with kindred client/friends. Truly, our clients are our closest friends... And we would not have it any other way!


So for those who'd like to step into their financial planning process alongside and including a guided visionary process and deep dive into the spirit and soul behind your financial goals (and perhaps a little touring the town and natural beauty of Ashland, Oregon) we invite you to feel into what it would be like to make a sojourn to our private estate only 7 minutes from downtown Ashland, and here step into the art and science of designing - and then living your Life-Legacy!


*NOTE: Being a client of either one of us is not necessary to request this private retreat process. Being a retreat client of either one of us doesn't "bar" you from it either :)  ....We'd love to see you here at our new home!

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