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Empowered Choice

Did you know:

  • that only 19% of professional money managers beat the index over 10 years? 

  • And yet: On the average, most people will hand over their hopes and dreams (their money management) to a person whom they hardly get to know; who likely applies a standard generic template to their investment strategy; and who punches out a standard annual report with no questions asked as to what may have changed in your life in order to re-evaluate the appropriateness of the portfolio to your life.

  • Most people avoid charting into the unknown waters of consciously crafting an investment vessel to support their values and goals in life.


There are hundreds of choices when it comes to selecting a person and firm to help you plan, manage and protect your financial assets.


Clements Investment Management is distinguished in being a Registered Financial Advisory Firm, a designation holding the highest standard of fiduciary responsibility to their clients.*


It's a tough business to be in in some ways. Not because of competition, but because money brings up fear -- and a lot of it!  Our biology tends to prefer the known familiar over stepping out into the unknown seas, where real success (and truly real living) is charted and sailed.  

This fear bias is part of our hard-wired human nature. We tend to "play it safe". But how safe is "safe"?

It's a fascinating introspection, to really stop and take a good look at our relationship with money and with relatedness, hopes and dreams, and life purpose.  Stopping to really look at yourself in these ways can make all the difference in the world to charting true success in life. This is where your real opportunity arises...



In over 3 decades of financial services we've found that consciously evaluating and selecting a financial adviser is a process that most avoid in one of two diametric ways:

1)  Feeling uneducated about wealth-building strategy and who to trust that it is just too frightening to make a choice at all.

  • Given a choice, the average person will stay put where they find themselves, following in their parents footsteps or their bankers easy slip in program, without ever considering that: while the products, tools, overseeing regulations, and fee structures of investment companies remain similar across most firms --the independent leverage, out of the box thinking, and caring capacity to work specifically, flexibly and holistically for you, is not the same (at all!) equal among financial planners and investment advisers.

2) Others hold to a belief in self sufficiency and in being able to manage their investments better themselves (and some really can). 


  • ...The caveat is that the belief in doing it all oneself is often really another face of fear and the need to feel in control versus really making the leap into a financially well endowed Financial Navigation System.

...In either of these two scenarios, the person will often sacrifice living to their true potential for the illusion of holding on to the known familiar.

This stay to the status quo (on the one hand) ...or trying to control it all oneself (rather than find and partner with a good financial strategist, on the other hand) are often acts of instinct and self-protection. But that holding back can really work against our success in life.

How many of us have stayed put and not made a leap of heart based on fear in some places and times in our lives? 

Each of us I imagine can relate. I know I can. How many times has our ship come in but we failed to get on board - too afraid to leave the (relative) safety of (a stagnate but familiar) harbor?

How many times and in what ways have we remained under-invested in our own living capacity and joy?


What distinguishes a life well-lived from a life of existing?

When you look to those with true wealth\
-i.e., a person with the riches of an integrated and whole life of vision, purpose, values, goals ...and a flexible financial strategy that will support such a life -- you find something very interesting:
  • You discover - almost universally - that they each achieved and credit their success to building a powerful team around them. 
  • They do not avoid making decisions on the one side ...and they don't fall into the trap of under-endowing their vision by trying to do everything themselves. 
  • They delegate and co-create with directed vision, values, goals and a self-valuing leap of faith.

As Henry David Thoreau once wrote: 

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life!”

We firmly believe that your life is far too purposeful and precious than to endow it with less than all you are here to experience.

What brings you truly alive?  

We believe that the art of wealth (and the art of inner self-contentment as well) is this:

  • Walking our path with an ever-growing openness of mind; clarity of soul; honoring of body; and courageousness of heart.

  • To our way of working, these same keys unlock the doorway to a truly successful and fully empowered financial strategy as well.


In selecting your own personalized and hand-chosen investment management adviser, you want these three qualities – in hearts!  


These 3 qualities and questions will help distinguish a status quo selection decision from the financial adviser who will excel in serving your values, meeting your needs, and exceeding your expectations – now, and for your entire lifetime.

1) CHARACTER: Does the investment management adviser reflect in his or her own demeanor, a shared set of core values, guiding life principles, and a whole and balanced quality of life? If your financial adviser isn’t well balanced with a depth and breadth of expertise, flexible risk management style, an open personal strength and maturity, your portfolio most likely won’t be either.

2) CREDENTIAL: Is the investment management adviser who will work directly with you, a registered and independent advisor (an RIA)? If not, you are not working directly with the top. Did you know that only the top quartile of people calling themselves financial planners and advisers in the US are RIA’s?

3) COMPLETENESS: Does the investment management adviser look at the whole of your life and offer fully integrated financial services and resources that take into consideration (and protect)  your health and well-being; your legal concerns; your legacy, trust, and estate planning; your living income requirements now and adjusted throughout the span of your life and your vision, dreams and goals for living your life to it’s fullest?

~ ~ ~

Not everyone is the right fit. We are selective in who we work with just as we anticipate and want you to be as well.


  • So, we get to know one another through a short process of evaluating "fit and potential"  - a part of which is evaluating what potential savings we may offer you over your current financial service providers, both now in the short run, as well as protecting and growing your future positioning.

  • We won't take anyone on as our client unless we are confident that we can out perform their current situation and that we are philosophically aligned as well.  This makes for a wonderful and unique financial advisorship with mutual trust.  We look forward to the conversation.

Please review our services and philosophy to see if they have a feeling of fit (this is key). 

Feel free to download a pdf version of our company brochure, and then give us a call to connect and start a conversation...

WHY consider Clements Investment Management your chosen Financial Strategists?  If your values align I invite you to take a "test drive" and see...

It's Your Life!

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

How Will You Best Live It?

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