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A Welcoming Invitation

WELCOME to what brings you here - be it financial referral or digging for the right next choice to best serve your life path, dreams, and financial strength. 

This Introduction is written to give you a short primer from our decades of experience - one that we hope will empower you to make the very best choice when seeking the advantages of selecting and working with a fiduciary financial investment advisor to meet your goals, resources and temperament. 

I invite you to use this (10 minute read) Introduction as a way of listening in to your own heart, mind and soul. I hope it will serve to shed light on your path and what you seek at this time (financially and holistically) - and if it is to work with us, that you will reach out and let's chat.

Matt P. Clements, CEO Clements Investment Management; Ashland, Oregon

Matt P Clements, CEO & Direct Client Management


Company Brochure (downloadable)

Give me a call and let's talk!

I am going to jump right in, and ask my favorite "quiz question":  


"What is your True Currency?"*

*(Side Game: Watch for (*)   ..See how many you note :) 


Today's financial market science has gotten quite sophisticated, although it is not what you will see or read in the newspapers or on social media. The financial news available to mass view are (perhaps not surprisingly) published by the banking and large fund management advertisers with vested interest in driving optimism that will keep their holdings viable.*  


So as an market investor:  What to believe; Where to go; How to get through the weeds and find your best financial pathway?


In a nutshell: To do right by any individual investor it takes:*   

  • Access to the top shelf tools and technologies of research and emergent trends;

  • Depth of experience with the financial markets over time;  

  • A curious attentiveness to global economic socio-political, technological and environmental trends;

  • An even and self-aware temperament; 

  • Close partnership with good open and honest communication; and

  • No cookie cutter boiler plate placements. 


I have been in the profession of managing client investments for over 30 years.  I've walked through many of the most tumultuous economic times; the recessions and the upswings. I've honed our company research capacities based on the latest technology and a perspective of wisdom in management that really only can come with experience.  ...But 16 years ago I was so dismayed by the way portfolio management was (and mainly still is) conducted that I almost quit the biz and found another occupation.


My wife and partner, a "force of nature" (God help me) and also a respected author, social-scientist, did her "mojo" (as women are want to do) - opening my mind to what my heart always knew:  There IS a Better Way - And NO: I do not have to do my business in the outmoded ways it primarily continues to be done... So I became an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). This means that I have a legal fiduciary responsibility to my client.* This is a crucial distinction:

 *Fiduciary is a legally defined term. Fiduciaries are required to exercise a duty of care and a duty of loyalty to the client.  And as a result, are "held to the highest standard of conduct" with a legal obligation to act for the client's benefit - not their own.​

(Permit me this "RANT"...I believe it may serve you.)

Sadly, most investors remain compliant and complacent with aggregate investment management services from standard Broker Dealers. It's a lot easier that way for the client, as very little is asked of them. And it's a lot easier for the registered representative, as they can "service" a lot more clients! ("k-ching")*

I mean, c'mon: Look at the money management system today:  People with investments today generally involve themselves more with their car mechanic, their kids' teachers, their home help, their partnering health care providers, than they do with the one entity that holds and makes decisions about the security of their money - which is the engine behind their life's vehicle! That's "cray-cray" as they say...

But it's also understandable psychology: We all have primordial fear around things we cannot really understand or predict much less control.* It becomes a natural inclination to put our finances into the hands of "a convenient expert", get on with life, and hope for the best.  If that's you, no problem: We're just not your advisor.

I cannot tell you how often, when reviewing prospective client portfolios, people of all walks of life are in the exact same portfolio packages, while having utterly different needs, dangers, and missed opportunities. ('nuff said)...  


Except this: If you are feeling aligned, and you are ready to make a significant investment in a portfolio to serve your life, then I invite and welcome you to take me up on my "test drive" Financial Check Up offering.)


My personal and professional life exploded (in a good way) in my 50's. We redrafted and re-crafted Clements Investment Management into an RIA advisory company designed for those who seek, expect, and wish to benefit from the financial (and emotional) yields that come from taking a more active role in their fiscal strength.


I reduced my practice to no more than 50 clients each who have $1million or more in assets to put under management. I came to know my clients and to expect more real depth in our fiscal partnership.


Today my clients are truly my friends and colleagues; women and men whose lives and loves and goals I know and truly care about helping support.  How lucky are we to work together on such an essential cause? 

I am now proud to know and to say that Clements Investment Management is a very unique offering - one that is all about you: YOUR life, YOUR vision, YOUR love, hopes, dreams; all the things that your money is meant to support!


You might ask:


"What does psychology have to do with selecting a company as my financial advisor and wealth-building investment manager?"


* Quite simply, it has EVERYTHING to do with optimizing our joint success in serving your life goals and true currency!  These "personal factors" of life are "The Big Picture" of how - and why - we do what we do; the way we do it;  ...and the sustaining success we have achieved!

Here's something more... And I hope this hits home for you: 

In this life - and regardless of net worth - we each will face significant fears and fumbles, successes and hardship losses, hopes and beautiful dreams, health and dis-ease; life and death.*


My work now as fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) has evolved to encompass and support the ALL of life ...and to walk it with care and openness with my smaller group of client/friends.


We now work with individuals who will invest $1m+ and who value a working relationship that is both highly professional and research-sophisticated within the larger context of proffering truly meaningful connection, mature self-honesty, shared vulnerability, and an absolute dedication to personal growth on this (beautiful and sometimes very difficult) life journey we each must walk.  


We Know Our Client's Issues:

  • We serve clients through cancer or other frightening health-challenges (sometimes with daily conversation);

  • we offer private conscious-divorce retreats, including take home tools for growth and the setting up of honorable distribution of finances and counsel;

  • we provide round-table end-of-life legacy-planning including training with their loved ones to take the baton; we work with new business ideas and opportunities;

  • we work with selling a business and with retirement strategy, timing;

  • we've even helped find and negotiate a new car for a client.

  • In a nutshell: We work with you through ALL OF YOUR LIFE to support your TRUE CURRENCY.*

"What is your True Currency?"


...Your True Currency includes the journey of life in all of its aspects: your loves, your talents, your time, your dreams.  Your True Currency (think "river current") is the overall river of your life-scape.*


It is my personal and very firm belief that to be the very best I can in my life and this career:​

  • I am called to knowing, caring, and helping support your "True Currency".​​

  • In addition, as a Registered Investment Advisor  (of which many/most advisors are not) we have fiduciary responsibility to you.


I am humbly honored to take this responsibility very seriously. And I also am committed to working solely with clients who expect and likewise step in to a full-disclosure, committed partnership toward achieving your financial goals while navigating the mitigating and often unexpected circumstances that life brings to each of us.


We all wish we had a magic ball to look into the future and act accordingly! 


As is all very apparent in our media today: The socio-political-economic stresses of our times are only getting more tenuous. Issues the world over are heating up and destabilizing.


From a professional perspective, the financial market today has, thus far, not corrected to the realities of layers of dysfunction in many key facets of our economy. But it must and it will.  When? And to what extent?  ...Now there's the Billion Dollar question!


But please NOTE:*
If you are in your 20's, 30's 40's, your risk capacity to invest more aggressively at this time will not be as potentially catastrophic as the positioning required for those of us in our 50's, 60's 70's.  


We in these older adult segments will simply lack the time it takes to recover if we are not placed in a balanced approach.  


Might we (in our 50's+) lose out on some market gains in these current bounces in a more conservative approach? Yes, perhaps. But there are also gains to be had if the structuring is carefully balanced and flexible. 


But please know this: your financial advisor's role is to make sure you ride this out with as much progress to your portfolio as possible, WITHOUT compromising your ability to sustain sufficient wealth to extend through your entire life as well as to protect and meet any legacy/inheritance or long term care important to your life.


The SCIENCE of "best practices predictive market analysis and placement" dwells in the deeper unbiased research that remains unavailable to mass consumption. And the CRAFT of meeting successful opportunities lays in being as closely connected and attuned with each client life, hopes, dreams and needs along the way, that the right architecture of placements are flexibly in sync.* This is why we have created and use our proprietary Financial Navigation System (a GPS system for pinpointing and tracking where you are in your financial life/given your destination).* This tool alone has made all the difference to our success with individual portfolios.

I hope and trust that if this read matches your mind, heart and soul, you will feel yourself energized enough to contact me - or take me up on my "test drive" financial check up to see if we may be a good fit and how we may serve you in fully expressing your True Currencies in this life.

I invite any serious responders, give me a call or shoot me an email ...or jump into our pro-offered "test drive." Now "the ball's in your court" (as they say in our newest hobby): Pickle Ball...

Here's to Fully Living and Expressing Your True Currencies!

Matt P. Clements

Managing Principal,

Clements Investment Management, Inc. - A Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

Matt Clements RIA financial advisor with client

Your Financial Checkup Offer:

If what you have read here calls you to action, and you are prepared to strategically invest into the market with $1m+, please feel free to reach out to me personally and directly by phone or email.

If you are managed elsewhere but would like to consider a move to our services and would like our analysis of your current portfolio positioning, please feel free to request offer of taking a Test Drive.


We look forward to getting to know who you are, what you most seek in life, and how we may be of service.

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