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Investing In Your True Self

…If Not Now, When?

By Ronda LaRue-Clements, M.S.


I wonder what would happen in your life if one day you said:

“Enough! It’s time for me!  I am going to take time out to go in. I am going to make time to find and reconnect with myself and with what really matters!”

What would happen if — when the “nay saying voice of reason” came in and filled your head with all the justifiable reasons you cannot possibly take the time, spend the money, or leave your family obligations for 3-4 days to retreat from the world and to reconnect with you — if you consciously overrode that seeming logic, and took the “Illogical leap of faith” to invest in yourself, in your spirit, in listening for life’s deepest meaning and purpose?

I mean really:  WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?….

What would happen do you think if you realized that by taking time out to go in, you were (in truth) making the greatest life investment you could ever make: for your self, your loved ones and our world, would you pass it by?And what are we (actually) turning away from in our lives by not taking this time for self-renewal?

If you’re like me, you  may have a very hard time taking high quality “me time”.  And by high quality I mean something other than simple distraction-entertainment: something that really gives you time to be with yourself and that brings new clarity and a deeper sense of who you really are.

What might your authentic self look like, feel like, do yet in this world?

… Here’s a probing question:  Can you (or I) really afford to turn away from our own truth and beauty? And at what price?…


Having gone through my own loss of soul and studied the paths of psychology, mysticism, world sacred texts, shamanism, health and medical research – all in hopes of finding my way back to an inspired life, I now have the honor of working with hundreds of women and men who come from all over the world to work with me as I help them too discover their path of purpose and spiritual self-connection. And I can now say unequivocally this:

The places where we have each most struggled in life; the places we have the most self-doubt or heart ache or questions, are invitations to “Remembering Who You Really Are” (as the title of my first book suggests).

These life struggles that bring us to our knees – and eventually (if we allow it) to letting go into a new way of seeing, offer us the bridge to breaking through our stuck-ness with old patterns and subconscious attitudes we didn’t even consciously choose in the first place!

What most people don’t realize is that feelings of being stuck, over-burdened by life’s obligations, disconnected from a sense of self, suffering a loss of deep meaning or purpose: these are universal feelings and life experiences that offer truly amazing and often very surprising dividends!  …if one has the courage and the commitment to create the time and space to learn the secrets of soulful re-discovery, conscious self-healing,  and a life on purpose.

All of the various struggles in life can be realized as growing pains asking us to look again – to look deeper – and to find the joy of becoming whole and true to one’s unique genius.

It can be so difficult to justify taking the time – and spending the money – on oneself!  It took me till I was in my 50’s to actually spend the money on a real retreat for me …so many competing costs that are seemingly more necessary.  I was wrong. And I’m always really inspired and proud of the women and men who come work with me, because I know what they had to overcome to have the courage and commitment to do it! Not easy.  Pain is often a great teacher…

The truth I’ve come to see over and over again without exception, is this:

Our times of deepest despair and confusion in life are seeds sprinkled on the ground of life waiting for each of us to say:  “There must be something more!! I am going to invest this life in finding out what it means to awaken to life’s richest meaning!”

Here is the daily truth we so easily forget:  We are only ever alive within each moment, here and now. Now is where your life is played, nowhere else!

It is good to reflect upon how we spend each moment and what values these actions and attitudes are endowing upon our life.

Look at it this way:

Each moment, another coin of your lifeline is being spent.

  1. In what are you investing with the coins of your life? 

  2. Will you invest in finding your true self?

  3. Will you invest in following your life’s very own unique genius?


For the next week, every night write down all the places you invested your time and resources during the day. (Don’t forget TV, alcohol, social engagements, time spent worrying on some future “what if”; on beauty, shopping etc.).  Don’t excuse or rationalize your choices, just remain curious and look. Simply get acquainted with where you are implicitly placing your life’s values by ways you spend your time spent. Don’t judge as good/bad, right/wrong. Simply LOOK and SEE…


Then sit down for 15 minutes or so in a comforting place, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and ask your mind to go to the background for just a bit so that you can hear from your soul  (that inner quiet place). Then simply ask your heart and soul what qualities long to be truly lived in your life.  You aren’t seeking an objective answer. You only need to go inwardly quiet and sense into these qualities that long to be more fully expressed in your life. The simple process of seeing and sensing from your soul is enough to sprout a seedling on your path of growing wisdom.   Now that’s a wise investment!

…If not now, when?


Ronda LaRue-Clements is an internationally sought author, teacher, life coach, and founder of SoulArts Retreats.  And she is Matt Clements wife and creative partner.

Ronda has over 30 years experience as a corporate consultant and owned her own market research firm for many years. After publishing her first book: Remembering Who You Really Are, in 2003, people began contacting Ronda for guidance; thus becoming her evolving vocation as teacher and guide in the art of self-healing and realization of one’s authentic life path.

Today, people travel from all over the world to work with Ronda privately as individuals and couples, and small groups. Ronda and husband Matt Clements, live and work side-by-side at their artisan estate home in Ashland, Oregon. Please see Financial Clarity Mapping Retreats as well as other SoulArts Events, Apprenticeships and Retreat opportunities with Ronda and Matt.


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