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Designing Your Living Legacy:
Your Private Financial Planning Retreat



1) TURBO POWER DAY: Financial Analysis & Retirement Capacity Turbo Day Retreat

This Day Option is most suitable for those living nearby who are approaching retirement and who wish to set up a clear picture and mapped navigation plan for meeting both current and sustaining quality of life. (A number of practicing  physicians and entertainment industry people have chosen this highly targeted retreat day with us.)

9am-6pm (Generally. May be adapted.)

PRICE: $3150  All Inclusive (as single or happily-connected married couple attending together - for marital distress retreat process, please see Ronda's Couples Retreats))

INCLUDING: home prep materials; full day of meeting work on site; retreat amenities (private places to be to your self; sit by the pool or pond; meals/snacks etc.); resulting Take Home Financial Outlook as well as any recommendations and resources for your next steps.  2 Formally offered followup Phone/Email services with additional info as needed. (Travel to/from retreat at your own initiative.)

ITINERARY: Normally you will arrive at our Sunny Oaks Home Estate in Ashland, Oregon (outside Medford) at 9am, and you will be ready to depart with your Retirement Analysis Prospectus by dinnertime (with some prep work prior to coming).

This option normally includes your own 2 hour break for a walk by the lake, sitting by the pond or poolside, or a short lunch break and site-seeing in town (while Matt conducts his evaluation of your earlier work and supplied information, to chart your financial map), followed by a meet back for your financial analysis - and often a shared dinner or appetiser before heading home.

2) PERSONAL PLANNING INTENSIVE: 2 1/2 Day Life Re-Visioning & Financial Integration Intensive 

Personal and Private Depth Retreat for Full Financial and Living Legacy Make-Over.  This retreat is suitable for those traveling long distance (fly into Medford Airport) and/or seeking a deep dive integration of soul-searching clarity and revisioning as it informs and lays the ground work for a financial planning map and living legacy aligned with purpose and passion.

Day 1:  Arrival 12-3pm - Late afternoon welcome starter followed by dinner and gentle night work starter 

Day 2:  All day guided with breaks and followed by dinner and night conversation/processes

Day 3: Departure: 10-noon  - Morning summary session with take home processes, and followup analysis deliverables

(Travel to/from retreat at your own initiative. Retreat times are alterable depending upon travel needs.)

PRICE: $4550 All Inclusive (as single or as a happily-connected married couple - for marital distress retreat process, please see Ronda's Couples Retreats)

These Financial Planning in-depth retreat intensives are for those at a crossroad or significant transition in life (often a recent inheritance, or retirement/selling of a business practice, or completed divorce) and who wish to enter into a truly life-transforming process that includes both top-of-the-line financial expertise with Matt Clements, CFO of Clements Investment Management, Inc.,  alongside the integrated self-visioning work with international teacher/author, Ronda LaRue-Clements, M.S.

Including: home prep materials; 2 night private apartment stay; all meals and amenities; fully guided process throughout from both Matt Clements and Ronda LaRue-Clements with Take Home Financial GPS as well as any recommendations and resources for your next steps.  2 Formally offered followup Phone/Email services with additional info as needed. (Travel to/from retreat at your own initiative.)


NOTE: Because these retreats are completely personalized, please let us know if you would like us to design a retreat plan and protocol for family inheritance, spousal loss, or business partner buy/sell meditation/communications and financial structuring.


Please inquire for options, more detail, or to discuss other personalized arrangements, including: the potential of traveling to you, or designing other special needs retreat.*

*Important NOTE: 

And of course, to work with Clements Investment Management you do not HAVE to do the retreat process. We will be doing it anyway as we move through the stages of our relationship together. But this sure is one great and powerful LEAP to get started from the deepest connected values.   And if you just want the process, not the financial investment management, this remains our offering as we strongly feel it is essential to your success with any other practice or company. 

We firmly believe - and our active client/friends directly know) that our unique and holistic Clarity Mapping Financial Process is unparalleled in how it can (and will) positively change the lives of those for whom it is a suitably aligned.  


Feel free to give us a call to discuss your interests and needs and to see if this might be a good fit.

We will honestly reflect and advise if we believe this is not the right program, or if we feel that we cannot be of the best service to you.... And we will always do our best to help direct you where we can.


Matt and Ronda

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