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Designing Your Living Legacy:
Your Private Financial Planning Retreat

Welcome to the integrated art, heart and science of creating your living legacy...


This unique and unusual approach to successful financial planning is designed solely for those wanting the very best in financial investment expertise and money management that is simultaneously in service to your heart and soul's deepest vision and meaningful life expressions.

In the past several decades I with my amazing wife and author, Ronda LaRue-Clements  (Founder of Center for SoulArts) have had the rich privilege of working with people from all over the world seeking clarity on their path; tools for overcoming old patterns and blocks; new effective ways of communicating and working with family; and - where appropriate: a hands-on lifetime partnership with Clements Investment Management, Inc. serving as your fiduciary financial counsel, investment manager, and uniquely engaged life time friend to you and your family throughout all the shifting conditions of life. (NOTE: Being a client of either one of us is not necessary to request this private retreat process. Being a retreat client of either one of us doesn't "bar" you from it either! We'd love to see you here at our new home!)

Many who come to work with us are:

  • career professionals or private practice entrepreneurs at midlife who seek to create a sustaining and protected retirement for themselves and their spouse; and/or

  • women and men facing a significant life crossroads (such as divorce from a long term marriage; death of a spouse; or upcoming significant inheritance) who wish to gain clarity on what they really need to live out their life and how to create a second-half-of-life legacy and meaningful adventure. 


  • Personalized Expertise and Full Person Care that is REAL: Including being welcomed into our own private home and Community; sharing meals, ideas, visionary walks while gaining from our many decades of professional and seasoned expertise, systems, and take-home strategic financial living tools.

  • Personal Self-Discovery Wellness and Well Being Drivers & Issues Audit: Including a set of probing self-reflective questions to help you gain deeper clarity on core values, dreams and choices as they relate to financial options and integration decisions.

  • A Full Financial Outlook & Strategic Planning Evaluation:  Including a clear comparative graphic analysis showing you just how your current financial situation/portfolio is projected to perform against a set of more personalized and strategic options and set of economic life scenarios. (Available investment assets of $1M+ recommended.)

  • Take-Home Tools for Life-Long Legacy Building: Including direct experience using the tools of "The SoulArts Living Meditation Practice" (TM) - a proprietary process founded by author/teacher Ronda LaRue-Clements for following your true passion, and for communicating with family/partners in a way that unblocks old patterns so that your financial legacy can be effectively lived.

  • (ONLY IF/AS APPROPRIATE):  A Followup Financial Planning Packet, Process & Proprietary GPS for Managing your Assets with Clements Investment Management, Inc., in service to your life-goals.*.  

* NOTE: This retreat is NOT a sales process!  Any potential future work with CIM will be based solely upon a strong sense of mutual connection and our potential availability to fully embrace a new lifetime client.). Because our Financial Navigation System and analytic financial tools are structured for those who will be using investment services within the U.S., we normally suggest and work with those with a current or incoming investment potential of  $1M+ USD (although the retreat itself can be highly useful to others as well).

WORKING TOGETHER IN A PRIVATE HOME SETTING IS A RARE AND RICH EXPERIENCE!  This level of depth offers a rich impact that serves your financial plan - one that serves your "true currency" - i.e.,  your time, your talents and your loves!

Where else can you create a sophisticated personalized financial navigation system for your life that is holistically-driven by informal connection and partnership with a Registered Investment Advisor and a Social/Psychology Spiritual Mentor?...

Having worked with women, men, families and private couples traveling from all over the world to stay with us at our private home in OJAI CALIFORNIA for 18 years, we are extraordinarily excited and thrilled to now offer PRIVATE SOUL-DRIVEN, FINANCIALLY-INTEGRATED PLANNING RETREATS at our Sunny Oaks Private Estate Property in spectacular Ashland Oregon!


If you've not been to Ashland, you're in for a real treat!  Our new home is ideally set for rest, inspiration, privacy, and work together. Located on 7 Oak Grove acres across from Lake Emigrant with spectacular views of the Siskiyou Mountains, 7 minutes from town and 16 miles from Ashland Mtn Ski resort... to say nothing of the 90+ wineries, famed Shakespeare festival and theaters, the progressive foodie restaurants and the talented musicians and nightly performance art.

Because of our uniquely integrated and spirited approach to financial planning and investment management - and because of Ronda's international appeal as "an impishly down-to-earth" master teacher of self-realization (to say nothing of a great chef) ...and I guess, really too, because we are both a bit "geeky", we find that we truly love our work and sharing our natural inspired living with kindred client/friends. Truly, our clients are our closest friends... And we would not have it any other way!


So for those who'd like to step into their financial planning process alongside and including a guided visionary process and deep dive into the spirit and soul behind your financial goals (and perhaps a little touring the town and natural beauty of Ashland, Oregon) we invite you to feel into what it would be like to make a sojourn to our private estate only 7 minutes from downtown Ashland, and here step into the art and science of designing - and then living your Life-Legacy!

We firmly believe - and our active client/friends directly know) that our unique and holistic Clarity Mapping Financial Process is unparalleled in how it can (and will) positively change the lives of those for whom it is a suitably aligned.  


Feel free to give us a call to discuss your interests and needs and to see if this might be a good fit.

We will honestly reflect and advise if we believe this is not the right program, or if we feel that we cannot be of the best service to you.... And we will always do our best to help direct you where we can.


Matt and Ronda

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